Captain Marlow

Captain Dennis Marlow began his career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer in 1992. It was during this time as a corrections officer he adopted the philosophy to treat other as he would desire to be treated if situations were reversed. This philosophy has served him well, and allowed him to serve the people in the Orange County area. While working as a Sergeant within the corrections division, he attended the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy, where he obtained his peace officers license. Upon receiving his certification as a peace officer, he transferred to the patrol division in 1994.

Captain Marlow spent 12 years in the patrol division, working his way to patrol corporal and eventually patrol sergeant. During the time that he spent on patrol, he became a field training officer, training numerous officers at the Sheriff’s Office, and others who have moved on to have successful careers at other agencies. While working in patrol division he gravitated toward crime scene processing, attending several specialized schools to further his knowledge and skill in collecting evidence. As a result numerous cases were solved and prosecuted benefiting the citizens of Orange County.

In 2006, Captain Marlow was transferred into the Criminal Investigation Division, where he became the director of the Orange County Crime Lab. During his time in the crime lab, and after the events of Hurricane Rita, an examination was made of how evidence was retained and stored. The crime lab housed evidence dating back to 1972, requiring a full inventory and research of the status of evidence. As a result, a large volume of evidence, was marked for disposal due to final pleading of the case. He then lobbied for a new system of storage, utilizing computerized bar coding, with long term storage in removable bins. As a result of the completed project, not a single item of evidence was lost during the catastrophe of Hurricane Ike. These changes eventually led to the development of the new and current Orange County Crime Lab.

In January 2009, Sheriff Keith Merritt promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant in the Support division. As part of his new duties, he oversaw the daily administration of all records for the Sheriff’s Office, as well as warrant service, civil process, prisoner transport and court house security. He also oversees the Sheriff’s Academy, Citizen’s Alumni, Senior Watch and Blue Santa Programs. He is a certified instructor, for continuing education in both Law Enforcement and Corrections Settings. He also holds his firearms instructors certificate, and serves as the Range Master for the Sheriff’s Office. He also serves as a leader for the Hostage Negotiations team, for the Orange County Swat Team.

In 2014, Captain Marlow was promoted to his present position, and given the opportunity to continue to lead an outstanding team of employees within his division.